After many years of sewing almost all of my own samples, I have come to see that it would be beneficial to have more samples in more varieties to showcase and photograph. I plan to continue to make all of my original works, but when it comes to the same pattern in three different collections... or pattern testing... I would love to do all of that myself but I would never have time. 

Thinking this through recently I came up with a plan that I feel compensates the sewist with fabric and notions to make their own project and in return allows me to borrow their sewn goods for a very short, limited promotional use. Obviously this only works if you actually want to make and own this item and this is a way to get the pattern and fabric for free. 

Here is my plan:

  • I will routinely choose a pattern and collection combination that I'd like to use for various promotional reasons such as for a catalog or for a quilt market display.
  • You, the sewist, would choose one of these combinations that you would want to make and keep.
  • We would agree on a deadline for the item to be mailed to me for photography or display and a timeline for the item's return to you. I will gift you the fabric, pattern and any other materials you might need to make the item. 

Does this sound interesting? If so, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch! 

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