FAQAL Surprise Block #3: Wild Carrot

Our third addition to the Forest Abstractions Quilt is the Wild Carrot block!

Wild Carrot is also commonly known as Queen Anne's Lace which was introduced from Europe. The carrots we eat today originated from this plant and the root at the bottom of the Queen Anne's Lace is actually an edible carrot although the leaves are toxic.

Wild Carrot is a print in my Madrona Road collection and is the inspiration for this block. 



wild Carrot: Pink

wild Carrot: Blue

wild Carrot: Straw

wild Carrot: Tangerine

In this example I have reused my modern watercolor technique from this previous project: Watercolor Heart Block

Brambleberry in Quartz

To achieve this look, use a loose print on a solid ground and choose a background fabric that matches as closely as possible to the ground from your print.

I have used the Brambleberry print from Brambleberry Ridge in Quartz paired with Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Iris.

For the center flower, a distinguishing characteristic of wild carrot plants, I have used MM Cotton Couture in Eggplant and Toffee for the stem. 

The white leaves in the Brambleberry print serve as the individual flowers in the wild carrot bloom. 


Fabric guide in original color palette. 

In your Fabric Selection Guide you will see the Wild Carrot Block is designed to be used in a more straight forward way with two prints alternating to achieve a more abstract look. These prints are distinguished with light stripes and light dots in the guide and templates. 

As shown in the photo of my example guide, I have used the same Brambleberry print in both sections. 

Next week I will show an additional sample block, not in the watercolor style, with two prints used. 








This block is FREE in my shop. You do not have to enter payment information. As long as your cart is $0 just proceed to checkout and the cart will email the link to the file. Download the Templates, Piecing Order, Fabric Palettes and Diagram here. 

Happy Sewing!