Forest Abstractions Quilt Along - The Falcon

Yay, it's Falcon time!  

Falcon, with one background piece missing and in the wrong background color. Mistakes happen! 

If you are looking closely you might notice a couple of issues with this Falcon. I had someone help me out and make the block. Without a color chart, a couple things went awry. I am traveling for the next week so since I don't have time to fix it right now, I had planned to Photoshop them out and make it all perfect-like for you... then I realized that's just plain silly. I make mistakes. We all make mistakes. I always say that your seam ripper is as important of a tool as your sewing machine when paper-piecing and here is a perfect example. Also - if this happened here, it could most certainly happen to you too, so let's figure this out!

First of all, there is a background piece missing in the left wing. See that brown part that is sticking out, it's not supposed to be there. I'll be pulling that wing apart to fix that. 

Second, the background color is the wrong one and so is the brown used in the wings. If you are using a kit or the fabrics used in the original quilt, you might run into this same problem. 

Below is the chart for the Falcon in the original layout with the Cotton Couture color card. There are three light purple/pink colors of Cotton Couture in the quilt and one dark. If your solids are not marked with the color name, you should be able to use the chart below to figure out which one is which. Iris is the lightest and is used as the background in the Falcon block. Primrose is the middle shade and is what was accidentally used in the block below. Mauve is the darker of the three fabrics. Eggplant is also a purple in the quilt and is the deep background for the stag block. 

Iris, Primrose, Mauve and Eggplant, oh my!

The browns contained in the original quilt are Taupe and Toffee. Taupe is shown below and is a rich, but lighter muddy brown. Taupe is the correct color used in the original quilt. Toffee has a golden hue and is used in the block above, but is NOT the correct color. That said, I won't be "fixing" these colors. I think they look great together and I also think I will still have enough left of the solid fabrics to complete the rest of the quilt as expected. It's possible I even like them more as it softens the look of the Falcon a bit. I'm undecided how I will feel about the overall color change with the rest of the blocks. We shall see! 

I find the Falcon to be a fun block to put together. Each of the sections are pretty quick and it pops together pretty fast. I'm in the middle of the mint/yellow version and will post it next week. 

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Happy sewing! 


P.S. Individual block PDFs coming next week!