mod petal pillows, interview, giveaway, oh my!

When Gina Cadenasso, the proprietress of

Bolt Fabric Boutique

in Portland, OR asked me about doing a little

interview on their blog

, I was ecstatic. You see Bolt is a bit, ummm, awesome. 

Gina has this special way of curating her inventory. I don't use that word lightly. Walking into the front door of Bolt you are immediately greeted with a feeling of style, fashion and urban make-ing. Gina has a way of editing collections down to this refined boutique of prints and notions that suit Bolt's aesthetic perfectly. 

So when I discovered that Gina had chosen to include Peacock Lane in Bolt's offerings I was truly ecstatic. 

And when she asked me to pick out a fat quarter pack to

give away on their blog

... well, I got so excited by what I had to choose from that I had to go and make new pillows for our living room... and a mini pattern to go with them! 

Mod Petal Pillows

I chose a fat quarter pack consisting of the following five prints for

the giveaway

Quilting Treasures - Juicy Blossoms in Orange 

Bluehill - Savannah - 7443 - Green (5) 

Lecien - Cocoa Eraser Dots 

Moda - Basic Grey - Max and Whiskers - Maybley Fur in Black 

Lecien - Rosalie Quinlan - Sweet Broderie - Daisy Chain in Orange 

I couldn't quite stop there though... my shopping pile also included:

Daisy Janie - Geo Grand - Crystal Ball in that yummy bright citron-y green

Andover - Melissa Averinos - Dazzle - Shadow Stripe in Teal (for the backing)

Kona Cotton in Ash for the middle square and border

Kona Cotton in White for the dash of sashing

I thought you might also like to see what this same pattern would look like done in the fat quarter pack of Peacock Lane that Bolt is also

giving away

! In this example I've swapped out the Kona Ash and replaced it with Kona Medium Gray (or even Charcoal). The prints are fussy cut pieces of Meadow in Pink, Meadow in Gray, Falling Flowers in Aqua and Parade Day in Gray. 

Shopping List (makes two 19" square pillow covers):

1/8 yard each of five to seven prints

1/4 yard of Kona Ash for center background and border

1/8 yard of Kona White for sashing

1 yard of print for backing

3/4 yard of batting

3/4 yard of no-show lining for inside of quilted pillow fronts

thread to match

water soluble marking pen

2 pillow inserts - 22" square

(optional) 1/8 yard of Wonder Under or other paper backed two sided fusible web

Cutting List:

Various Prints: 40 @ 3 1/2" squares

Fusible Web: 8 @ 3 1/2" squares

Kona Ash: 2 @ 9" squares; 4 @ 2 1/2" x 15 1/2" strips; 4 @ 2 1/2" x 19 1/2" strips

Kona White: 2 @ 3/4" x 9"; 2 @ 3/4" x 9 1/2"

Backing: 4 @ 18" x 19 1/2"

Batting: 2 @ 22" squares

Lining: 2 @ 22" squares

Mini Instructions:

(please keep in mind this is a quickie mini tutorial - for detailed explanations of how to cut, piece, quilt and bind, I would suggest the many awesome blogs that detail those techniques... might I suggest my personal favorite,

Elizabeth Hartman


1.  Cut all pieces according to Cutting List (1/4" seam allowance included in measurements)

2.  Trace Mod Petal Template on paper backed side of fusible web squares. (Template should print out at 2.7" wide x 3.3" tall) Fuse web to eight 3 1/2" squares. Cut out. 

3.  Fuse petals to center squares in your desired arrangement. Play with this! There are many fun ways to arrange the petals. Example leaves a 3/8" space between the petals. Attach with desired edge stitch. Example uses tight zigzag stitch.

4.  Piece two Mod Petal Blocks by using the diagram. Press all seams flat. 

5.  Layer a 22" lining square face down, a 22" batting square and the Mod Petal Block face up. 

6.  Quilt as desired. Example uses straight line quilting 1/4" from the seams. Trim to 19 1/2". 

7.  Hem one 19 1/2" edge of all four backing pieces. If backing is directional, hem one top and one bottom for each pillow back.

8.  With quilted pillow top lying right side up, layer one pillow back right sides together with hemmed edge running horizontally across the middle of the pillow top, aligning raw edges along the top. Layer the final pillow back piece with right side down, hemmed edge running horizontally across middle of the pillow top, aligning raw edges on the bottom edge. Pin. 

9.  Stitch 1/4" from edge around the entire outside edge of pillow cover layers.  Turn right side out and enjoy!

Now go! Enter! Win! Sew! 

Ahh - it's all SO good.