The FAQAL: First Surprise Block! The Field Mouse!

Hello Quilt Along friends! With all due apologies, let's get this party back on track! My husband is amazing and swept me and our girls away on a two plus week camping adventure that found us rafting the North Umpqua River, sleeping in a different campground every night (except the two night stop at the Michael Miller design studio!!!), eating and drinking at one new brewery every day, taking photos at every tourist trap between Portland and San Francisco and back again and just two and a half weeks of all around family style nonsense. It was fabulous and we love him to pieces and I will post vacation pics soon too... but now, back to the Forest Abstractions Quilt Along!

Everything should get back on schedule this month. I will be posting more Bunny examples including the original from the Brambleberry Ridge kit and my Christmas version!!! Field Mouse examples will be added this weekend and then I'll get the Falcon up ASAP. Whew! We are going to be busy. Yay!

Original Brambleberry Ridge palette.

Original palette.

Sweet yellow & mint version. He's wearing footy pajamas!

Yellow & mint palette.