Waterfront Park, Print by Print

All of my collections are a story of sorts. Sometimes the story manifests itself in actual words and sometimes it just sort of floats along in my head as I design.

Waterfront Park starts on the esplanade in the Spring, in the rain of the cherry blossoms that carpet the park and sidewalks all through town. Breeze in Breeze and Iris.

Bridgetown features sketches inspired by the bridges of Portland, OR and the Portland sternwheeler. I took photos of all of the bridges and sketched based off of my photographs. Anyone who has ever photographed the Dragon Boat races finishing under the Hawthorne Bridge during Portland Rose Festival probably has almost the same photo I took.

Top row, left to right: St. John's Bridge, Portland sternwheeler, Broadway Bridge and Hawthorne Bridge

Bottom row, left to right: Burnside Bridge, Fremont Bridge, Ross Island Bridge and Steel Bridge

Bridgetown in Black, Charcoal, Navy, Starfruit and White:

Three prints are reminiscent of the angles and architecture in the bridge design, Half Square Triangles, Shattered and Domino Dots.

Half Square Triangles specifically look like the arch of the Fremont Bridge while gazing up (from the passenger seat, of course) while driving along it. Half Square Triangles in Jewel and Clementine:

Shattered in Berry, Clementine, Luna and Starfruit:

Domino Dots remind me of the rivet work in the beams and were originally inspired by watching people play dominoes in the park. Domino Dots in Black, Geranium, Jewel, Lagoon, Navy, Starfruit, White, Clementine:

Flight is inspired by the peregrine falcons that live on several of the Portland bridges and the swifts that migrate from Chapman school every year. Flight in Black, Charcoal, Clementine, Iris, Luna, Navy and White:

Union Station is a hexagon pattern of vintage tile work. Union Station in Navy and Peony:

Reflection is the glow of the moonlight on the river. The idea for the design of the print was to make your project sparkle like the moonlight or sunlight reflecting off of your project. Reflection in Black, Geranium, Peony, Starfruit and Luna:

I hope you enjoyed this little stroll along Waterfront Park with me!