Sometimes.... I make mistakes.

If you currently have a Broken Herringbone pattern, please check the BACK COVER. The Sashing Fabric section should match all of the interior instructions and read : 1 yard white solid fabric, divided into (20) 1 1/2" strips. MOST of them say this. Somehow between printings I changed the back cover to read 2 1/2" strips. I have NO IDEA how I did this, but alas, it was definitely me who did it. If you have one of these copies of this pattern, please change this on the back cover of your pattern. All information on the inside of the pattern is correct. I apologize for any problems this might have caused! 

Mason Gets a Big Boy Bed: A Broken Herringbone Quilt

Well, when a baby sister is born, things change. 

Like, your aunt shows up...

 and reminds you that your quilt she originally made for your nursery is now for


And for snuggling. 

And for hiding under from your crying baby sister. 

And she makes you a new big boy bed quilt! 

I used the Fleet Week colorway from Waterfront Park and

The Broken Herringbone quilt pattern

I added a couple of extra rows and 4" borders on all sides to fit his twin bed.  

I used the optional pieced back layout and straight line quilted in sets of three lines along each herringbone stripe. 

I loved that the boardwalk looked like the Broken Herringbone pattern :)

This is his "Auntie, I love it so much!" face. Bwahahaaa! Man I love that kid.